The team at Bounceback Physio are all trained in muscle balance assessment to get a client’s strength and conditioning underway. This approach ensures the correct movement patterns and control are developed for clients to progress their strength and conditioning training to the next level.

At Bounceback we see numerous people suffering from lower back pain (LBP). A common sign after evaluating a person suffering from LBP is that they have forgotten how to bend properly in a safe manner. We all remember the saying ‘don’t use your back like a crane’ but often people suffering from LBP are not strong enough to bend using their knees and hips and therefore bend from the back, making the back pain worse. We believe for the successful rehabilitation and prevention of LBP a person must have adequate core control to stabilise the back and also lower leg strength in order to bend from the hips and the knees.

These important strength areas are well catered for at Bounceback through the utilisation of the skills and numerous strengthening equipment we have available to our physiotherapists.